How to use Door Draft dust stopper | Heat & Cool leakage stopper
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How to use Door Draft dust stopper | Heat & Cool leakage stopper

Dust Stopper | Heat & cool stopper

The Main purpose of this door draft dust stopper is to create barrier or fill the gap under the door. Which stops dusty air to pass through the gap underneath door. Stop insects to crawl into your home and prevent cool air to flow out and vise versa

Instructions to use Door draft dust stopper:

The best way to position the dust stopper under the door is, open the door take the dust stopper and slide the closed end underneath the door. Stop when the closed end of stopper reached last corner of the door. The the knife or paper cutter to cut the extra piece of stopper.


This Dust and Insects Stopper has many benefits but revealing few known benefits. 

Those people who have asthma will understand the importance of this handy door draft. The pollen particle travel through air creates problem for pollen allergic people. This door draft will stop air to flow from inside out and out side in. 

In Summer or Winter! the air flows underneath the door and increases you utility cost. The Hot air enters your home will increase your electricity bill and cold air enters your home may increase your Gass bill.  So by using this Heat & cool leakage stopper door draft you can save utility bills. 

In Rainy Season mostly insects come out from their sheds and try to find cool save place which is your home. The main entrance of such insects is Gap under the door” . The most important thing is the main passage for lizard is also the gap under the door. So to tackle this situation insects Stopper is very handy to stop them to enter your home. 

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